Trump’s Master Stroke for Israel

Trump’s Master Stroke for Israel

Trump’s Master Stroke for Israel


This week Donald Trump appointed (subject to Senate confirmation) David Friedman as the next US Ambassador to Israel. I have made mention numerous times on the air, that what Trump needs to do to become one of the greatest modern day Presidents is three things: (i) be an adamant supporter of Israel and recognize her as our most important ally; (ii) pick great judges for the various federal bench positions and (iii) be an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment.


All of these were planks in his platform but you never know how they will play out in terms of policy once a candidate is in office. Moreover there has been greater concern about Trump changing his mind on issues quicker and with greater ease than other candidates. But regarding the Ambassador selection, Trump has hit the ball out of the park.


Friedman, who it is said is almost a perfect reflection of Trump regarding Trump’s US-Israel policy perspectives, is an Orthodox Jewish lawyer who helped Trump on his campaign. His views include a genuine disdain for the so-called two-state solution (for Jews more appropriately called the Final Solution); supporting West Bank development and formal annexation of the West Bank along with a desire for the US Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.


Friedman may well, if not likely, be the most pro-Israel Ambassador to Israel since that nation’s creation. This bodes well, extremely well for both Israel and the US. As Scripture points out, God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3).


For sixteen years we’ve been increasingly cursing Israel and suffering the consequences. George Bush passively supported Israel but even he supported the two-state solution, in violation of the Scripture in Joel 3:2 that warns that God will judge those nations that “divide His land.” Barack, of course, has hated Jews from the get-go. An anti-Semite of enormous proportions combined with his Muslim background, Obama has been an enemy of Israel his whole life and we have suffered as a result of his antipathy toward the “apple of God’s eye.”


Interestingly, the militant attempt to rob Trump of the presidency via subversion of the Electoral College was elevated to fever pitch when Freidman’s appointment was made. That’s just how much the dark side animates the Democrat Party these days. Nothing makes the left livid more than strengthening ties with Israel at the possible expense of the Muslim world. Amazingly, yet without having been sworn in, Trump appears to already be a better President than George Bush. Bush promised he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but he weaseled out of that pledge. The pledge did what he wanted it to do though and that was to bring Christians into the fold with him on a hot-button issue. Trump didn’t make it a big deal in his speeches yet he seems far more poised to actually make it happen than candidates who have used it as a convenient hunk of red meat for the conservative community.


We’re already getting a peak as to why God placed Donald Trump in the White House. Obama must be furious.