Voter Fraud-The Possible Difference in This Election

Voter Fraud-The Possible Difference in This Election

Voter Fraud – The Possible Difference in This Election


I have said for some time that two things will determine who will win the Presidential election: the debates and the content of the remaining WikiLeaks revelations. I have to add a third. Voter fraud. There is no lie so great that the mainstream media feels compelled to expose. That being the case, there is no lie so great that Hillary Rottem Clinton wouldn’t tell. Why? Because she knows that the media is an unofficial part of the Democrat party and will lie, conceal and deceive on her behalf. That she colluded in ripping off Bernie Sanders is academic. That she has lied about her email server a gazillion times, Benghazi and her medical condition are so undeniable that the only question stumping me is why isn’t it Donald Trump who should be 50 points ahead? Blame the media, the increasingly abysmal ignorance of the American public or alas, the fundamental moral deficiencies resident within the Democrat Party. They all play a role.


The conscience of the Democrat Party is so seared that if you called me a Democrat, I would sue you for slander. But unless WikiLeaks comes out with unbelievably damning information, I’m less sure that it will make a difference. Moving to the debates, if it’s a draw, who prevails in that scenario? Probably Trump but he could blow it and I’m not so sure that he can deliver a knockout blow. Personally, I’m hoping that Hillary will manifest demonic-possession. After that her only job prospect will be a Hollywood remake of the Wizard of Oz where she could win an Oscar as the Wicked Witch of the West. No experience necessary.


But absent these developments, voter fraud may be the difference. Not all Democrats are fundamentally immoral and certainly not all Republicans are saints but the fact is that the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud lies with the Democrats. The reason is that this is the party that creates morals on the spot to suit their political convenience, spit on the Bible and herald and laud things God calls abominations. So if you’re a Democrat and you’re OK with 60 million executions of innocent human beings inside the womb; if you’re OK with all forms of sexual debauchery which the Bible calls not just sin, but abominable sin; if you’re OK with giving the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ movement so-called rights not even remotely referenced in the Constitution; if you’re OK with rendering people unable to defend themselves by obliterating the Second Amendment; if you’re OK with force-feeding impressionable students with heresy and made up garbage masquerading as education, then what’s voter fraud? To a Democrat, it’s a mere parking ticket.

Add to the mix the faux justification for the fraud. The hysterical emotions of people trying to imagine a Trump Presidency are creating an “end justifies the means” mentality. The media is helping lawless people feel justified about being lawless. Then throw in the Russian factor. In an attempt to divert attention from the Democrats’ corruption, greed, and ineptness when it comes to basic levels of security maintenance, they point to Russian interference, which is not only not proven but has been proven highly unlikely. The fact is that anyone could have hacked Hillary 13 Blackberrys. But now the alleged “Russian” factor will give license to Democratic thugs to “take back the election” from the Russians by rigging it for Hillary.


Interestingly, 70% of all felons self identify as Democrats. Now no Republican should be proud of being part of a 30% number, but, actually, they aren’t. You see, over two-thirds (21%) of the remaining 30% self-identify as Independents, not Republicans, and Independents have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats.   I’ve met a grand total of 3 people in the course of this campaign who have purchased magnetic Trump bumper stickers. All 3 have been stolen. I think we all know that Trump supporters wouldn’t be stealing other Trump supporters’ signs or else they would be showing up in our community. I haven’t seen a one. Using the above felon numbers, it appears to be at least a 91% chance they were stolen by Democrats even though in your heart you know it’s 100%.