Is Hillary’s Allergy Excuse Just Another Lie?

Is Hillary’s Allergy Excuse Just Another Lie?

Is Hillary’s Allergy Excuse Just Another Lie?

Much has been written about Hillary Clinton’s health issues lately, the most recent of which deals with her 3 and 4 minute coughing bouts.  That she has proven herself a congenital liar is well established so, how much of her alleged medical problems are for real?  Her concussion, which was supposedly serious enough to excuse her from the early Benghazi testimony now haunts her because she wants to establish herself as fit enough to be President.  If the concussion was faked to get out of the early Benghazi testimony or to excuse her present day memory lapses with the FBI, then she may be dodging the damning implications related to Benghazi in order to be “morally” acceptable as a Presidential candidate but simultaneously may be eliminating herself as physically unable to handle the demanding job of President.  Hoisted on her own petard comes to mind.


But let’s assume that her concussion did happen and that her revealed records to that extent are correct, even if probably incomplete in many respects.  I don’t want to suggest that people with health problems are categorically unfit for the highest office in the land.  Indeed, FDR proved otherwise from his wheelchair.  But the media is protecting her from having to be forthright with a reasonable inquiry about her health that the people of this country have a right to know.  Indeed, her health is a greater and more legitimate concern than Trump’s tax returns.


So Dr. Drew gets fired from HLN for stating that he and other physicians, working just from the records made available by Clinton herself, conclude that she has significant health problems.  Then Mr. Seaman gets fired from the Huffington Post for simply daring to write about how unfair Dr. Drew’s firing was.  All of which leads us to the crazy coughing bouts and the media’s obstinate refusal to dig into this issue.  Her pat answer is it’s an allergy.  This is nonsense; why it’s at the least, suspicious and at worst, yet another outright lie.


While not a physician, I come from a family of many and at times, severe allergies.  I’ve had intense allergic responses to dust, pollen, bee stings, and cat and dog dander that have necessitated big cortisone shots.  A son with asthma and grandchildren with peanut allergies, we have seen it all.  So these are the observations of a well-educated layman.  First, if it’s an environmental allergy, meaning something in the air such as dust, mold or pollen, these are seasonal and regional.  You sneeze, cough and blow at different times of the year and in different locations but she’s coughing and coughing only, which is odd by itself, all the time and everywhere.  This is strange.  Certain allergies can produce a chronic cough but her problems are far more severe.  The same environmental allergy that would affect her in Cleveland in September should not affect her elsewhere earlier in the year and everywhere and at all latitudes in between.  That doesn’t line up. (And if it’s food related, then knock off the hot sauce and raw red peppers which she alluded to during an attack in April).  Second, she’s even having coughing attacks on an airplane, one of the few sure-fire places that I found relief when suffering from an environmental allergy because of the air system.  So even if it’s a dust allergy that would not be limited to seasons and regions, that doesn’t exist on an airplane.  It’s recycled air.  Third, if it’s really an allergy, our world is overrun with allergy medications and you can’t tell me that she doesn’t have access to good medical care that could treat this at least long enough to get her through a speech.   The temporary fix has resided with cortisone unless for some other unrevealed medical reason, she couldn’t take that.  Allergies can at times be severe but in the end it’s still an allergy.


Fourth, after her attack on the airplane a couple of days ago one of her handlers said that they had checked and yep, she had a problem around Labor Day last year.  C’mon.  How convenient.  While not impossible for allergies to appear out of the blue at 68 years of age, allergies actually tend to get better over time-not just suddenly come late in life so this is likely, yep, a crock.  If it weren’t for all the other lies, as well as reasons 1-3 and number 5 to follow, I might give more deference to this latest explanation.


There are many lies that she can’t defend so she won’t hold a press conference where she might be forced to do so.  But adding to all the lies she can’t refute, another reason she won’t hold press conferences may relate to reason #5.  Someone might actually ask her what she’s allergic to.  No one has and of course no one will.  This is not an unfair question.  This doesn’t deal with a medical problem that’s the consequence of poor or questionable behavior that would have moral connotations.  She’s not being asked to confess to syphilis or HIV.  For goodness sake, it’s an allergy, unless of course, it isn’t.


Her minions in the press cover for her and those who would expose her works of darkness are not given access or opportunity.  She has problems that she won’t divulge and the press is compliant.  But this is the same hypocritical press that smeared Michelle Bachmann 4 years ago as being unfit for the office of President because she suffered from occasional migraine headaches (because they couldn’t come up with anything else against her).  All of this suggests that greater problems are being covered up to maintain an image of fitness for office since who would be concerned about an “allergy.”  But keep in mind that who we have here is a woman for whom lies and deceit have become her defining characteristics so don’t expect her to come forth.  It would be nice though, if someone asked her in the debate just exactly from what allergy she is suffering (of course at that moment she would be suffering from panic).  But alas, we already know her answer.  “At this point what difference does it make anyway.”